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Business Expert spoke to six innovation experts at Mobile World Congress 2018. They discussed the future we might experience within the next 50 years. Read the full records below: Brian Wong - Kiip, CEO & Co-founder: So in 50 years I believe the world will, in regards to technology, truly alter and actually this concept I call proximity of tech - which is how close the technology is to your body.

Ingestibles are currently a thing, it's crazy, you literally consume these pills these robotic pills that can undoubtedly see what you're consuming and all these things and all your calorie intake, it's remarkable. And after that you know you've heard of start-ups like Magic Leap where they're doing AR for your world; I should just be able to load my emails then like do short article about computer this, then do this, that's actually fashion trends for 2020 what will happen I believe in 50 years, whatever will just come inside which to me is really, truly exciting.

So a cosmetic surgeon or a nurse in a health center who's working on a client will have an angel on his/her shoulder examining him or her and providing useful guidance when perhaps he has, or he will slip up. Dirk Wisselmann - BMW Group, Elder Engineer Automated Driving: In 50 years time I believe we will see really diverse mobility.

For safety factors we will make the traditional automobiles likewise really safe, it's not required that we truly require totally self-governing driving, only driven by security. Paula Boddington - Oxford University, Senior Citizen Researcher (Department of Computer Science): So what will the world appear like in 50 years time, well sadly it's anybody's guess; so there are forecasts where the world is great, we've got tech gadgets rid of hardship, we're all residing in some sort of unified scenario, we have actually all got innovation at our fingertips and there are other projections where the advancement of innovation may cause things like actually wide scale joblessness and it might lead to individuals actually being hooked into their devices.

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Rand Hindi - Snips, CEO: It is very difficult to anticipate the future 50 years ahead, what I'm sure about however is that it will never ever be a synthetic intelligence, that's super intelligent that just takes over people, however rather it's going to be perhaps brain-machine user interfaces, that allows us as human beings to integrate our horizontal intelligence, with the vertical execution capabilities of synthetic intelligence.

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Anna Bager - Interactive Advertising Bureau, Executive VP of Market Initiatives: What do I think the world will look like in 50 years time I hope I'm going to be around. I think it's going to be much better, more stunning. I believe we're going to live in a world where we are not simply seeing what we desire to see but hopefully where we are being, from a media viewpoint, also inspired and challenged to think in a different way but all hope for the good of humanity and mankind.

Singularity is near. The natural development of human evolution with a just little twist technology. To put it simply, extremely intelligence will quickly become a part of our every day lives and guy will be merged with machine. Sure it sounds wild, however just consider what we have actually had the ability to achieve over the previous 50 years alone.

Nowadays we're introducing rovers to Mars and 3D printing sh * t out. Now that's a leap. Just look how addicting customer habits is for a new Apple item. Sure you can police officer the most recent i Phone or Mac, but the more recent and enhanced version will constantly be launched in the next couple of months.

Whatever is ending up being more effective and compact and we can anticipate to see this trend continue up until it isn't even tangible. Is it that insane to assume that technological advances will not just continue, but grow and flourish tremendously over the next 50 years Have you even stopped to think how insane Google Glass really is Or perhaps self-driving vehicles We are at the forefront of the tech transformation.

Raymond Kurzweil, who is leading the way. His insight into what will happen to us throughout the next half century are humbling to say the least. Colonize the moon The LCROSS probe discovered the equivalent of a dozen 2-gallon buckets of water in the type of ice, in a crater at the lunar south pole.

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We're entering a brand-new period of lunar exploration 'Moon 2.0,' in which an international group of business and federal governments will utilize the ice and other distinct resources of the moon to help us expand the sphere of human influence, and to help us keep an eye on and safeguard Continue reading the Earth. Reverse engineer your brain Believe Exponentially As a result of technology in 50 years being 1MX more powerful than the innovation we use today, there will be a billionfold increase of high efficiency in computing.

Eat all you want without getting fat Do you have problem staying with a diet plan Have patience. Within 10 years, Dr. Kurzweil described, there will be a drug that lets you consume whatever you desire without putting on weight. He stated our ability to manipulate genes holds enormous promise and pointed to scientists currently having actually re-engineered a gene that controls obesity in rats.

Kurzweil described the human gene as software application and said "We're walking with out-dated software application in our bodies." There's no question that advancements in hereditary engineering will assist us deal with or eliminate a whole range of diseases. Go on quantum computers The transformation of the computer brings us the quantum computer, which has been making development and is estimated to hit the market in about 10 to 15 years.

Also, keep in mind that a quantum computer might factor a big digit number in minutes to hours versus what might take a regular computer system months to years. With the advent of the quantum computer system, new security measures will have to be taken on computer systems because these things can break a password in practically no time at all at all.

This thing has some sinister implications for nationwide security, however has many benefits. Computing power continues to increase and in extremely short periods. Never be alone once again With innovation permitting smaller sized and smaller surveillance devices tech gadgets from Drones the size of fireflies and security cameras available through mobile gadgets. The more eyes there are on us, the less we're going to have the ability to get away with.

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Storage drives will accompany you for the rest of your life, which will enable you to run the emphasize reel anytime you prefer. Install computer systems into your blood stream With electronic gadgets already little adequate to fit within our bodies that battle Parkinson's diseases, technology will soon be inside of our blood stream.

At that rate, we will have the ability to present blood cell-sized gadgets that are robotic and have computer systems that can interact wirelessly by the 2030s. Get your total hereditary code to get tailor-made medicine Get your complete hereditary code evaluated, so that the doctors can offer you personalized medications for what ails you (or what might have ailed you without the drugs).

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And numerous dream of a day when medical professionals will analyze your own personal genome, recognizing tailor-made treatments or threat elements you will need to see out for. Live permanently guy and maker will merge" I computer science and robotics and many other scientists now think that in around twenty years we will have the ways to reprogram our bodies' stone-age software so nanotechnology will let us live for ever," composed Kurzweil.